Monday, May 5, 2008

Artist Wendy Wagner 2008 Winner of Hunting Art Prize

Wendy Wagner Takes Home the Hunting Prize

Every year, a Texas artist receives the Hunting Prize, a cash award in “the boner-inducing amount of $50,000” (as the inimitable Buffalo Sean puts it on his blog). The results are in – this year’s (read more from Houston Press article)

It was a gale evening. Lots of folks looking at the art, eating the good food and enjoying themselves in general. Only one prize amongst 129 artists but it was still an honor to have been a part of that group. Congratulations to Wendy. Todd Allison's painting was next to mine. Here is his below, Threading the Frontier.

Below is my work Garden/Together Again.


  1. I love "Texas is the melting pot!"

    We totally have to use that on our TexasWAX stuff.

  2. Hey I was in the Book About Death Show too!
    Cecil Touchon


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