Sunday, January 13, 2008

Darke Gallery Features Houston Artists Micah Simmons, Tra Slaughter, Van McFarland

Above: works by Tra Slaughter
Above: works by Micah Simmons
Above: works by Van McFarland
January is the month to see paintings by three talented young artists, Van McFarland, Micah Simmons, and Tra Slaughter at Darke Gallery, a new exhibition space located in the area of Houston known as both the West End and newly renamed, Rice Military. The two galleries on the upper level are brimming with their bold abstractions. Below in the office/storage gallery you will find works by other gallery artists.
The gallery space itself is in one of Houston's "metal" buildings you see dotted around town, expecially in this neighborhood. Linda Swaynos and her husband, Don Swaynos recently bought this space along with the adjoining house where they reside. The gallery itself ---described as an "intimate space" in an article in New Doors--- is a 1400 square foot two level space with maple floors and vaulted ceilings, very contemporary, open, and bright.

Houston enjoys a thriving artist community. Studio spaces like Mother/Dog Studios, Diverse Works, and Winter Street Studios are available for rent or lease to artists who don't have spaces at their homes. My personal opinion is that while Houston is a good community for artists with spaces to work, they vast majority are under-represented. Linda, herself an accomplished artist, until her move to this present location, was part of the artist community at Winter Street Studios. Part of Linda's mission for this gallery, according to New Doors article, is to represent some of the underknown talents in the Houston area.
I wish her well. It is a great space. Check it out!