Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Interactive Blogpost-Collections, Rituals, Time: Eleanor Caldwell

Collections, Rituals - Time
Eleanor Caldwell is an artist living in the UK. She studied fine art at Loughborough and received her Master's degree in Book Arts at Camberwell Art College in the UK. I have never met Elanor but have been reading her blog for a while - A Good idea on paper . I would love to see her work first hand, having only seen images on-line. I find it intriguingly subtle and thoughtful. She is the first responder to this interactive posts. Thank you, Eleanor.

Below are pages from one of her book Encore made of drawings on Japanese tissue paper.

She says,
"I use the book to create sequences that allude to visual narratives through space or time, or both. ‘Reading’ a book is a process of waiting. Waiting for something to change, for something to happen, for some kind of conclusion. This never happens in my books. The book’s structure and inherent tactility has become an essential element of my work. Each page of a book suppresses the view of the next and previous page, the length of the book deciphers the length of the wait, and the paper itself has a memory."
(excerpt from Eleanor's statement)

Images: pages from Eleanor's sewn Inkjet Book. (sewn Inkjet images on Japanese paper)

I also want to thank artist and blogger Pam Farrell for her ISBP postings (among her other interesting posts) who gave me the idea for the interactive post. She is not the only blogger who does interactive posting but one that I read often and whose work I admire as well. Another artist and blogger, Joanne Mattera, offers interactive posts from time to time as well.