Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's This and Thats

Resolutions list finished, goals set, reservations made and the new year has begun. If I keep all my promises, I will be a busy girl.
First things grandchild is due this month and I will catch the plane on the 15th and hope I get to California before He/She ? arrives. Due date: Jan.24. My daughter's first child.

CAA in Dallas comes near the end of February and I plan to attend. And then there's the Encaustic Conference in June up in Beverly, MA. Is there time in-between to get work done in the studio? There better be!
In between travel time and studio time I blog now, and this has added a new dimension to my in-house time.
I am not so patient to spend hours reading on the computer....too long winded and I'm out of there...but some blogs have caught my fancy. The ones I enjoy the most are those that are informative, witty, not too personal and have good pictures.
So far, my favorite is Joanne Mattera's blog. Exhibition reviews-informative, witty comments, good pictures, not too personal. Great! From there, Joanne has a long list of pretty interesting links on her site. I check them out occasionally.
The Forum at RF Paints, is also a good place to visit, with all kinds of good information. Besides, you can shop there too!
When I'm bored or can't sleep, I check out the artists' newly listed web sites. Beats solitaire!
But sometimes I publish a new post on my blog.
Happy New Year 2008!