Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's This and Thats

Resolutions list finished, goals set, reservations made and the new year has begun. If I keep all my promises, I will be a busy girl.
First things grandchild is due this month and I will catch the plane on the 15th and hope I get to California before He/She ? arrives. Due date: Jan.24. My daughter's first child.

CAA in Dallas comes near the end of February and I plan to attend. And then there's the Encaustic Conference in June up in Beverly, MA. Is there time in-between to get work done in the studio? There better be!
In between travel time and studio time I blog now, and this has added a new dimension to my in-house time.
I am not so patient to spend hours reading on the computer....too long winded and I'm out of there...but some blogs have caught my fancy. The ones I enjoy the most are those that are informative, witty, not too personal and have good pictures.
So far, my favorite is Joanne Mattera's blog. Exhibition reviews-informative, witty comments, good pictures, not too personal. Great! From there, Joanne has a long list of pretty interesting links on her site. I check them out occasionally.
The Forum at RF Paints, is also a good place to visit, with all kinds of good information. Besides, you can shop there too!
When I'm bored or can't sleep, I check out the artists' newly listed web sites. Beats solitaire!
But sometimes I publish a new post on my blog.
Happy New Year 2008!


  1. Hi Gwendolyn,

    We met at the encaustic conference last year and I happened to run across your post on the Texas Wax site. Your work looks great - very colorful and expressive. I see that you are going to the conference again this year and I hope to run into you there. You can add my website to your list and I am in the middle of building a new site which will replace the .com. The .net site should be up next week and that has all my work from 2007 on it. I'm putting your blogsite on my favorites list. Thanks for showing your work. Best, Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Good to hear from you and thanks for the comments. I look forward to seeing you in June at the conferenct.


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