Sunday, April 27, 2008

Powdered Graphite and Fairy Rings

Since I was ambushed this weekend by some kind of flu bug and didn't get out to I C Art's open studio tour, I did a bit of on-line gallery hopping instead. My last discussion of media brought to mind the mixed media work by New Jersey artist Pam Farrell.
I visit her blog frequently, enjoy her comments and love her work.

You will find this piece on her blog along with several others in which she has used powdered graphite and oil paint. Surprisingly, considering the graphite seems to have all but blocked out most traces of color, the tactile surfaces remain quite luminous.

Below an installation piece by artist Julia Latane from her Fairy Ring Series.
A few years back I ran across some photos of Tube Worms in a National Geographic and wanted to do some kind of work in response to those creatures. Never did it....but she did. You must check out her web site gallery to see what other interesting things she has created. Vinyl and felt, along with much other stuff comprises the media list for this artist. I don't think these pieces actually move like the tube worms sway with the flow of the water, but this photo sure makes one thinks otherwise.

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