Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Exhibitions in Texas

I didn't get pictures Saturday night at the events in the Heights...White Linen Night Heights
Most shops and galleries were open and lots of people were enjoying the night out in spite of the heat and humidity, and some...yes....dressed in their whites. Read more about it here. We arrived late and didn't linger but did visit galleries on 11th....G Gallery, Red Bud Gallery, and The Texas Collaborative plus we stopped by Koelsch Gallery on Yale before we gave in and went to dinner.

At G Gallery artist Todd Allison was showing work and at
NaĆ¼-haus Gallery artist Lydia Balahutrak had two paintings in that group exhibition (that gallery's one year anniversary.) We had a yummy frozen mojito at Koelsch but didn't stick around to listen to the band.

Earlier in the day some friends and I had driven to Galveston to visit the exhibition at Buchanan Gallery and lunch. (See Below)

C. Ellen Hart and Sandra York - Two Solo Exhibitions at Buchanan Gallery
220 26th St., Galveston Island, Texas
Exhibition continues through August 16, 2008

C. Ellen Hart , L.Shadow Study #62 (ShootingStar) 30"x 24"; R. Seafarer 30"x 24" both oil on canvas

C.Ellen Hart, Botany Bay, 54"x72, oil on canvas

C. Ellen Hart, Sea Shadow#106, 30" x 24" oil on canvas

Sandra York, from left to right: Sea Glass (30"x24"), Meditation (24"x24"), Chinati Marfa (24"x24"), Saint of the Animals (24"x30") all oil on canvas.

Sandra York, Ama de Casa, 45"x 76.5", oil on canvas

Sandra York, Meditation, 24"sq, oil on canvas
Craighead-Green New Texas Talent Dallas
Juror: Julie Kronick, Corporate Art Curator for Neiman Marcus
Exhibition runs through August 30th

The recepetion for this event was Saturday, July 26th. It was hot, hot, hot, in Dallas but the art patrons were not deterred. Unlike Houston where the humidity equals the temperature sometimes, it was relatively dry and speaking from that perspective, not so unbearable.
Most of the artists selected had two or three images presented.
Below are some of the paintings in the New Texas Talent at Craighead-Green Gallery that impressed me.

Mel Hombre, Sea of Cortez series, acrylic on paper.

Roma Misra, ....shifting...., Mixed Media on canvas, 36" x 48"

Janet Wayte, works on paper

Lee Ken Tan, Rorschach Humor No. 1, China ink on rice paper, 40" x 78"

Shelly Porter, The Smallest thing Will Not Be Forgotten, watercolor on paper, 27" x 24.5"

These three pieces very coated with a smooth glossy resin. Very nice. Apologies to the artist for no name or title.

Donna Perkins-Graphite on paper, Detritus Aggressor, Detritus Aquatic, Detritus Amuse, 14"x 11" each

Nathaniel Glaspie, Aspen Lane, Ink on Wood and Plexi, 20" x 30"

Julia Kiovumaa, Diptych, Encaustic on panel

Gwendolyn Plunkett, L. Garden/Red; R.Garden/Intruder; both oil on canvas, 36"x 36"

Red, White and Blue at Darke Gallery July and August
It was a hot and humid night in Houston but the band played on. Unfortunately, not long enough for me to get pictures. I only got shots of the band as they were leaving. (My camera came late!) It was a well attended event and the band was great!

L. Linda Darke Swaynos (wax and oil on canvas) & R. Julia Koivumaa (Encaustic on panel)

Gwendolyn Plunkett: Ritual Series, Encaustic Collage, 12" x 12" all

Detail : Joseph Cohen, Proposition 22

L. Joseph Cohen, Proposition 22 R. Linda Darke Swaynos

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