Monday, April 14, 2008

Pam Knox and Karen Smith at Darke

The images below are from Karen Smith's exhibition at Darke Gallery located at 5321 Feagan and Detering in the New Military area of Houston. "Joe" is the name of her exhibition....and "Joe" is the character who takes stage in all Karen's paintings with his or her many configurations and multiples .
Except that Joe is really just the name for the iconic type character populating Karen's images. Sometime Joe is female, other times, Joe is male. Sometimes there are three Joes and sometimes there are eight.
One liners of sorts, these 10" x 10" acrylic paintings are fun. Together in this grouping one thinks of running narrative but "Joe"doesn't speak that way here. Each image is more its own entity and not related speifically to the story in the images to its right or left....well, except it is "Joe" having all the fun. You gotta see!

Karen with some of the guests at the Saturday reception....a cup of "Joe."

Below are works some of the paintings by artist Pam Knox also at Darke Gallery. She works acrylic and mixed media in both her paintings and three dimentional pieces.

Left: Codes, 40" x 30", Center: 0, 60" x 48" and Right: 28, 40" x 30".

L. The title is 28 and is 40" x 30"....and one of my favorites. The pedestal pieces
are titled 776. They remind me of sentinels standing guard. I like these too. Sizes of the pedestals are 48" x 5" 12" , 72" x 6" x 6", and 65" x 8" x 8".
This exhibition runs through April.

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