Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Houston Encaustic Artists Forming Houston Chapter of International Encaustic Artists

If you are an artist who lives in or near Houston and you use molten wax in your work, this may be for you. Several of us like-minded waxy artists have decided to form an association and link ourselves with the International Encaustic Artists on the West Coast. We have scheduled our first meeting for December 1st at 2 pm. If you have the urge to become a part of the waxy organization, or just want to find out more about it and us, please contact Gwen Plunkett at If you want to speak on the phone, leave a number where you can be reached.
We are interested in extending and sharing our knowledge of the medium, providing opportunities for exhibitions, workshops and retreats, and to further educate the viewers about this ancient medium.

Don't Know but Wanna Learn!
If you are an artist who doesn't work in wax but wants to, CyFair College (North Harris County)holds an Encaustic Painting class in the spring and fall of each year. It is offered through Continuing Education. Robert McGehee is the founder and instructor of that workshop. To find out more about that workshop, see the NHMCCD CyFair College web site and look for Continuing Ed courses listed for Spring.

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