Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello Guthrie

Guthrie Trapp is one of the musicians in Jerry Douglas's band these days. In days past, Guthrie was the young son of friends of mine in Florida. He was in my 4th grade art class...I watched him grow and become a fine blues harpist. (Even in the 4th grade he could do some harm to that hamonica!) I left town before he became the fine musician he is today but it was in the cards. We could all see it. His uncle, Jerry Trapp, was his primary music teacher but his whole family lived and breathed music. We, friends, hung out at the Trapp's on Sunday afternoons and evenings, circled around playing bluegrass. He was there playing the guitar or whatever. I heard him recently on Prarie Home Companion playing guitar & mandolin with Jerry Douglas. How time flies. How things change. I don't pick up my mandolin as much as I did then. I paint more than I pick, but I do miss those vibes. If you don't know...Jerry Douglas is probably the best Dobro musician around these days. Don't take my word, take a listen.

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