Sunday, October 28, 2007

Degrees of Definition

What gets said and what gets left out is always an interesting porposition. I wonder if
Mr. Finch’s unflattering descriptions of art bloggers and art blogs really reflects more about him and less about the bloggers. Admitedly, I have lived most of my life blogless, and happily so, but recently, I find myself feeling the need. Not to blab but to And I learn things. I admit to having little patience when it comes to spending hours and hours reading stuff off the computer screen. I am more apt to save a document for reading later, but I, the non-blogger, am find blogging interesting, even fun, to read about and see what is happening in other other parts of the land besides my little corner. (Joanne Mattera’s Blog, for one.) Maybe Mr. Finch is right ... bloggers write for bloggers. For instance, it was in Mattera’s blog where I was directed to his article in ARTNET and it was in Sharon Butler’s (I don't remember how I got to her, but I found her blog being knocked around in his article) where I was directed to an article in The New Republic by Jed Perl about (sadly) the recent passing of one of my long time favorite artists, R. B. Kitaj. I suppose you wouldn’t call ARTNETa blog, nor the New Republic, would you? Is he saying there is too much art criticism? or bad art criticism? Bloggers aren't smart enough or too conservative to critique, too self referential...Hmmm! Well, blogging isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. For some, it may just be public theraputic journaling. That’s okay too. In one of newsletters I receive artists are encouraged to blog...for professional reasons, it suggests. Blowing your own horn, Mr.Finch suggests. I figure one of the things artists need most is exposure. Well, their artwork needs it and maybe their ideas. Why let someone else do all the talking.
Signing off...first blog entry ever!

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